On the Road

On the Road

There's something about a couple of blokes on the road together, the various waves of temperament that can make either wish for his own company mixed with long stretches of enjoyable yarning and interspersed with periods of watching the miles roll by, lost in revery, memory and thought.

I've known Bob MacMillan for a long time. Met him in the first half of the 80's. He is, in my opinion, the definitive owner driver. He has had a long career as a one truck operator. Not only one truck but one trailer - up until this month at least. I'm just back to Sydney after doing a run with him, with a load of Innisfail bananas down through Outback Queensland and NSW to Adelaide. A few metres short of 3,000 clicks.

Couple of old blokes talking about the old days? Well no. We both might have hit the 60 mark but it doesn't feel old. Sure old mates and old times probably got a run on the way south, but Bob MacMillan is a bloke who firmly resides in the 21st Century. Bob has an astute and considered view of the transport industry and hasn't been afraid to step on a few toes when necessary.

Well southward we ran. Following the Outback track, a better way according to Bob. We slept for at least six hours at night and still made Adelaide in time for a decent feed at Cavan and a night's sleep before Bob had to unload at the markets Sunday morning - yesterday!

I'm back in the Office and Bob will have taken a load of Territory mangoes from Adelaide to Melbourne and no doubt be lining up a load of some sort to get him back to FNQ.

Keep an eye out for the yarn - Going Bush, a Better Way - early in 2012. And thanks Bob for a mighty fine few days traveling together.