Penrith Truck Show

Penrith Truck Show
Penrith’s Working Truck Show for 2012 was its 25th anniversary. And as Enver Djemal found, it was a day for families and for the people who work the trucks on display

Drivers, friends and mates were busy from the early hours of the day cleaning, polishing and adding the final touches to their show charges. It was the 25th anniversary of the Penrith Working Truck Show at the Museum of Fire venue so it was important to get the trucks on show looking just right. And the 12,000 who attended were not disappointed. Even as those finishing touches were being added, spectators were checking over the rigs and happily snapping away at the artwork, bling and chrome on parade.

More than 200 rigs, that had to be working trucks and not show ponies or collectors’ items as a condition of entry, were washed, polished, trimmed and tweaked into showroom condition in support of charity with proceeds from event directed towards saving families from the dangers of fire.

It was a big family day out with kids able to try out any one of up to 18 thrilling rides, and there was face painting, air-brushed temporary tattoos, fairy floss and a wide variety of food and drink stalls operating all day. And there was a live country music show featuring some big names including McAlister Kemp, Dan Murphy and Troy Cassar-Daley.

Brent Haywood of Penrith drives for Southern Aurora Express and regularly runs to Newcastle. He’s been in the transport industry since he was 18 and started off on single trailer work before, at the age of 22, he went driving road trains for the St Mary’s-based Hunter Heavy Haulage. Brent travelled all over with HHH including to Perth and to Darwin but he gave the long haul away when he turned 24 so he could spend time with his fiancé in their newly purchased home. “I looked forward to coming home every day to her,” he said.

Ken Barlow has close to 40 years of experience in the trucking industry and started driving at a very young age of 16, inspired by his father and uncles who were involved in the industry at the time. Ken worked across a variety of places including carting fuel for Shell and running for Transit Express. He now works for Brand Ban Associates and has five trucks on the road, with a couple driven by his own sons. Ken says he mainly focuses on the office work and but he doesn’t mind keeping his hand in by occasionally covering sick days and holidays from behind the wheel.

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